Volunteers & Visitors

Thank you for your interest in serving as a visitor/volunteer with Maple Valley Schools. Please take the time to fill out the IChat form in full. We will be notified and the process will begin. Once the necessary background checks have been run, you will only be notified if your results return a conflict. If you want to verify that you have been approved, you can check with any of the building secretaries.

Also, please take a moment to fill out any of the forms below to be added to our Classroom Volunteer, Mentor Bureau, or Speaker Bureau groups. This will aid us in having a collective database of parents and community members that are willing to help serve our students.


This form needs to be filled out annually and is required to participate in any visitor/volunteer capacity.

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We welcome parents and grandparents to work with us in our classrooms. Regardless of whether you can join us one day a month or three days a week, please sign up and let us know where you would like to volunteer and how often you anticipate being available. Supporting our student groups with learning and helping to do the behind the scenes work for our teachers would be welcome contributions.

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We would like to create a Mentor Bureau that might join in with our Jr./Sr. High School Advisory Program which meets in the middle of the day. If you are willing to serve as a mentor who will remain a stable member of advisory groups, please let us know your preference for either Jr. or Sr. High School and if you have a preferred teacher you would like to join with in their advisory work. We will host a meeting with all interested parties to consider other people we may be able to recruit to work with our young people on goals, life skills, career exploration and general community connections.

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One of our initiatives this year is to expand our Career Readiness perspectives for our students. If you would be comfortable speaking about your job to our students, please let us know your career and when you would be most available. We are particularly interested in developing a large pool of people to promote a wide range of jobs to our Jr. and Sr. High School students, but if you are more comfortable with younger students, please let us know that as well. If you know of other family or friends who would be able to promote their work, please encourage them to fill out this form available on our website and Facebook page.

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