Welcome toMaple Valley Schools

We are a very close-knit community made up of the two small Michigan villages of Nashville and Vermontville. This district has worked together for the last 40 years to form schools that are nurturing places to learn.

Maple Valley is a Class C school system of nearly 1,000 pre-school through twelfth-grade students. We provide a myriad of student learning opportunities, yet we are small enough to care personally for each student.

Mission Statement

Maple Valley will provide a safe and secure environment with enriching experiences that cultivate learning.

Vision Statement

A District Where Every Child is Valued; Cultivating Personal, Physical, and Academic Growth

Belief Statements

We Value:

  • Providing a safe and secure environment for all
  • Authentic collaboration and open communication to engage all staff, students, parents, and community. 
  • Respect for all which is fundamental to teaching and learning.
  • Inclusiveness by providing various experiences and pathways for each student to achieve their own unique potential.
  • Data-driven decision-making to support the needs of all students
  • A blend of personal instruction and technology which strengthens student knowledge and academic achievement.
  • Every student becoming a productive member of society/community.

We will expand and improve all curriculum to improve student performance: 

  • Ensure Vertical and Horizontal Alignment of K-12 Curriculum
  • Continue Improvement of ELA and Math Instruction K-12
  • Enhance Student Readiness for College or Career Including Skilled Trades

We will continue to improve internal and external communications.

  • Enhance Internal Communication Protocols That Value Transparency and Staff Input
  • Develop and Implement District Marketing Program
  • Increase and Coordinate Community Partnerships

We will continue to improve the environment and culture

  • Strengthen District-Wide Multi-Tiered System of Supports for Student Behavioral Expectations
  • Develop District Capacity for Supporting Whole Child Initiatives
  • Improve Student and Parent Engagement

We will maximize resources to meet the mission and vision of the district.

  • Staff Retention
  • Continue to Improve Fund Balance
  • Expand Appropriations and Funding for Long Term Plans for Buses, Technology, and Facilities
  • Enhance Safety and Security

Important Information