Below are the required tests and certifications to become a Bus Driver:

  • Secretary of State: 4 tests (Passenger, School Bus, Air Brakes, and CDL)
  • DOT Physical: Diabetes, neck diameter, sleep apnea, flexibility, and balance
  • Training for the Skills test (40 Hours) Contracting with METS to do this for us
  • Skills Test in Battle Creek: driving, pre-trip inspection, driving students, driving ability & road test
  • ELDT Training (20 hours of online training for the theory of Commercial Vehicle use)
  • A 90-day probationary period followed by 3 days of 8-hour training with 100 item test (80% cut score to pass)
  • Every 2 years, all drivers must be re-certified with Continuing Education
  • 8-hour refresher course with test required to pass
  • Health Assessment varies in frequency

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Safe Transportation Every Day

Our buses traveled 138,515 miles last school year! Maple Valley Transportation runs 12 daily routes, covers over 134 square miles, transporting over 900 students twice a day, and delivers students to schools and to Lansing Community College. Additional transportation is provided for athletics that traveled 13,633 miles and other extra-curricular and school-planned trips that went 4,141 miles.

At Maple Valley Schools, we strive for excellence in Transportation services to give your students a safe ride daily wherever they are going. Our staff is required to have six hours of continuing education every other year, is randomly drug tested throughout the school year, and constantly sharing ideas regarding efficiency, discipline, bus maintenance, and most of all safety.

School bus stops are established to promote safe and efficient routes. The first criteria used to determine a bus stop is Michigan school bus law. We cannot make illegal bus stops under any circumstances. Students may be required to go to a stop at a nearby location so parents should assess the path to the bus stop and even accompany their children to the stop if they are concerned with safety.

Parents and students may call or stop by the Transportation Office if they have any questions or problems. Please refer to our student handbook for parental and student expectations regarding the privilege of transportation at Maple Valley Schools.

Maple Valley Schools offers the privilege of pupil transportation by including transportation in its budget; it is not a state requirement. In order for your bus driver to offer an efficient and safe trip to and from school, cooperation by students and parents with the driver will bring around a good bus route. Students are expected to follow the safety rules being enforced by their bus driver while on bus routes, field trips, and athletic trips. Parents, teachers, coaches are expected to set a good example when buses are in your area. Parents could ask their children to explain Bus Safety to you; things may have changed since we rode the bus as kids! The student handbook (above) includes the expectations of the Maple Valley Transportation Department. Following are summations of laws established by the State of Michigan for pupil transportation.

Overhead Amber/Red Alternately Flashing Lights

  • The school bus driver is controlling the traffic for the safety of students being boarded or discharged from the school bus.
  • Motorists are required to STOP 20 FEET from the school bus.
  • The deactivation of the overhead alternately flashing lights is the signal for stopped traffic to proceed.

Hazard Lights

  • With supervisor approval, Hazard Light stops are used on M-50, M-66, and M-79.
  • The school bus driver is NOT trying to control the oncoming traffic due to the higher speeds of travel and the assortment of vehicles traveling on these highways.
  • Special requirements for these stops include no student will cross the road~ Right-hand stops only and the bus must be completely off the roadway to leave normal traffic flow unobstructed.
  • Motorists should be cautious when passing buses using Hazard Light stops, but not required to stop.

It is a rare occasion, but if a school bus driver is unable to meet the special requirements for Hazard Light stops, like during inclement weather or a student must cross the road, be watching for the use of Overhead Amber/Red Alternately Flashing Lights on these highways. Also, other school districts may not have approval for Hazard Light stops and only use Overhead Lights on these highways. The best practice for motorists is to be prepared to stop at least 20 feet from a school bus.

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