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Below you can find a list of resources we think you may find helpful. You can also visit our Instructional Resources page to check out our list of teacher-approved resources that you can use to help your student improve their skills.

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Help shape your community’s future!

The Barry County Chamber & Economic Development Alliance (BCCEDA) is working with Antero Group to develop a rural economic development strategy focused on three downtown corridors in Nashville, Delton, and Woodland.

Take the Barry County Rural Economic Development Survey and help shape a vibrant and prosperous future.

The deadline for responses has been extended from February 11 to March 1, 2024.  The feedback provided will help guide the outcomes, goals, and action items being developed for each community.  Please share this information with residents, business owners, and community members within your networks!

Talking with your teen matters, take time to talk with them about healthy relationships, substance use, and mental health. Help youth grow into healthy responsible adults. Research confirms what young people already know—what parents have to say matters. That's why parents play a powerful role in helping adolescents make healthy decisions. But if you think talking to your son or daughter is tough, or it makes you nervous, know that you're not alone. Other parents feel the same as you.
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The Connections Program was developed to connect community members within our district to needed services such as health/food/housing & transportation, Covid-19 prevention, mental health resources, or help navigating and securing insurance benefits to improve health disparities and outcomes. Our CHWs have assessed individual and family needs and provided the necessary assistance to minimize barriers. In most cases, referrals are likely to be completed in one appointment, but some may take more than one. Our CHWs can see community members in the office, in their homes, virtually, or by phone. At this time, there are no eligibility requirements.

Connections Flyer

Connections Introduction Letter

The Children with Special Needs Fund provides support for children in Michigan with special health care needs not available through any other funding source. The Fund helps with the purchase of equipment and services that promote optimal health, mobility, and development, enhancing the lives of children and their families.
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Eaton RESA has put together some great information and resources to help your child become a better reader.
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Parents' Read-At-Home Tools for Student Success
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Emergency Broadband Benefit Program
The Emergency Broadband Benefit Program is a Federal Communications Commission (FCC) program that provides a temporary discount on monthly broadband bills for qualifying low-income households. If your household is eligible, you can receive:

  • Up to a $50/month discount on your broadband service and associated equipment rentals
  • Up to a $75/month discount if your household is on qualifying Tribal lands
  • A one-time discount of up to $100 for a laptop, tablet, or desktop computer (with a co-payment of more than $10 but less than $50)

A household is eligible if a member of the household meets one of the criteria below:

  • Has an income that is at or below 135% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines or participates in certain assistance programs, such as SNAP, Medicaid, or Lifeline;
  • Approved to receive benefits under the free and reduced-price school lunch program or the school breakfast program, including through the USDA Community Eligibility Provision in the 2019-2020 or 2020-2021 school year;
  • Received a Federal Pell Grant during the current award year;
  • Experienced a substantial loss of income due to job loss or furlough since February 29, 2020, and the household had a total income in 2020 at or below $99,000 for single filers and $198,000 for joint filers; or
  • Meets the eligibility criteria for a participating provider's existing low-income or COVID-19 program.

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Affordable Connectivity Program
The Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) helps low-income households pay for internet service and connected devices. Eligible households may receive:

Up to $30/month discount on internet service.
Up to $75/month discount if the household is on qualifying Tribal lands.
A one-time discount of up to $100 for a laptop, tablet, or desktop computer (with a co-payment of more than $10 but less than $50).

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The Michigan Department of Education continues to support efforts to address the “Homework Gap” for students. To further those efforts, MDE, in partnership with the Michigan Office of High-Speed Internet (MiHI), is sharing the opportunity to check federal data on available broadband connections in each community. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has released the National Broadband Map. The map, at the address level, shows available internet service levels and the internet service providers (ISPs) that offer them. The information given for each location is based upon data submitted by ISPs and may contain errors. The MiHI is urging all Michigan residents to review address-level data for their address of residence and submit challenges to correct the data as presented. The MiHI also notes that challenges may be filed on behalf of other residents (neighbors, family, friends, etc.).

Visit the FCC National Broadband Map

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The Great Start Readiness Program (GSRP) is Michigan's state-funded preschool program for four-year-old children. The program is administered by the Michigan Department of Education
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Khan Academy offers practice exercises, instructional videos, and a personalized learning dashboard that empower learners to study at their own pace in and outside of the classroom. They offer math, science, computing, history, art history, economics, and more, including K-14 and test preparation (SAT, Praxis, LSAT) content.

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The Michigan Learning Channel (MLC) is a statewide public television partnership offering instructional content to support the education of students and to provide alternative resources for families and teachers. Designed to enrich school learning, the instructional content is aligned with Michigan’s educational standards and follows widely accepted sequences for mastering skills throughout the school year.

The lessons, generally about a half-hour each, are presented by a diverse group of educators, delivered as if the teacher is in a classroom setting. Nearly every program has supplemental educational activities and resources to build on the lesson.

This programming is being broadcast on special on-air channels established by each of the participating public television stations in Michigan. It is also available as a livestream and stored for on-demand viewing on a variety of digital platforms, ensuring accessibility to all students, teachers, and families in the state.

All content is offered at no cost to schools, families, and caregivers.

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Nearly all school and law enforcement personnel using the confidential reporting system OK2SAY indicate it is useful and helpful in stopping harm before it occurs.

Seventy-three percent report they were unaware of the problem before the tip was submitted. OK2SAY empowers Michigan students to help prevent violence and make their schools safe by confidentially reporting threatening behavior. Anyone can report tips on criminal activities or potential harm directed at students, school employees, or schools. Tips can be submitted 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The program’s 2020 Annual Report shows that OK2SAY received 3,743 tips spanning 31 categories, with the top three types of tips being:  

  • Suicide threats - 896 tips
  • Drugs – 456 tips
  • Other (e.g., anxiety, stress, depression, harassment) - 436 tips

OK2SAY is available 24/7 and tips can be submitted in the following ways:

Call: 8-555-OK2SAY (855-565-2729)

Text: 652729 (OK2SAY) 

Email OK2SAY

OK2SAY website:
Visit OK2SAY Website

OK2SAY mobile app:

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Detroit Public TV responded to the learning needs of families with children at home as a result of Michigan schools being closed because of the COVID-19 crisis by curating resources from across the PBS system.

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Do you want to be able to check your child's attendance and grades at any time? Use the PowerSchool Parent Portal.

NOTE: PowerSchool has updated their portal. To login, you'll use the email address connected to the account you created, click "Continue", and then use the password you created for the account. For those who use the PowerSchool app, no changes have been made to log in at this time.

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The objective of this parent’s guide is to help you develop a resilient mindset. It will give you tools to help your kids do the same. A resilient mindset means that in the face of a personal or family challenge, you find a way to thrive instead of shutting down and giving up.

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