Greetings Maple Valley,

It is good to be back in the office and spreading the word about what is happening in the Valley this week. The news I have for you provides an opportunity for our community to get involved with the governance of our district. Our School Board President of the past two years, Mr. Brian Green has submitted his resignation from the board. Mr. Green has dedicated fifteen years of leadership and stewardship of our district. He saw our district through many highs and lows and through it all he maintained a deep commitment to support the welfare of our students, staff, and community. His leadership and dedication during these very challenging CoVid years will be greatly missed but he ensured a strong transition in support of Mrs. Kristen Miller as our new President. Kristen is a lifelong resident and graduate of Maple Valley who brings an equally intense commitment to do good things for the Valley. Mr. Green knows he leaves the leadership of our board in the capable hands of Mrs. Miller. It is time for him to focus on many other family-focused projects and needs that are calling him.  I hope you will join me in offering our gratitude and appreciation for fifteen years of service to Maple Valley.

This month is Board Appreciation Month and we showed our gratitude with Maple Valley Sweatshirts and a planned art project for each board member from our Fuller Elementary students. Restore the Roar joined in the effort to celebrate our boards’ collective hard work with a wonderful mug full of treats and a Wordle graphic that highlights the words our community had for the hard work our board does. The most concentrated words from our community included “Thank You, Dedicated, Committed, Community”, and my favorite…” shaping the future”. The work of a board member is so critical to the stewardship of our resources and maintenance of our strategic goals as we strive toward an ever-improving future for our kids.

This brings us to next steps following Mr. Green’s resignation. We have 30 days to fill his position with an appointment from our School Board.  If you are interested, please submit your resume and a letter of interest to our central office. Interviews will be conducted in an open meeting at our next regular board meeting on February 14th, and the board will appoint a new trustee to fill the role through our regular elections to be held in November. If you are interested in submitting an application, please contact Mrs. Kelly Zank at 517.852.9699 x 1005.

Should you choose to apply to fill the position, you may have the opportunity to join Mr. Craig Lackscheide Vice President, Mr. Justin Keiffer Secretary, Mr. Jonathan Denton Treasurer, and trustees Kimberlee Kenyon and Kimberly Wilkes.  We welcome interested parties to apply and join a dedicated team who are invested in making the Valley a great place for our kids!

It is a great day to be in the Valley!

Dr. Bertolini