Exciting Times in the Valley!

As our end-of-year events continue, everyone is excited to have field trips, commencement celebrations, and memory-making opportunities for our students, staff, and families who are joining us again. It has been so energizing to have people engaged in activities. I rejoice at the fun and energy I see when I go out into the buildings to celebrate! As I walked the halls of the high school this week, I heard our band practicing Pomp and Circumstance and it made me immediately nostalgic for my own graduation and all the memories come back. Senior Trip, Prom, Honor’s Night, Baccalaureate, Senior Breakfast, Graduation Rehearsal, and finally that big day of Commencement that kicks off the Open Houses full of good wishes, and the nervous excitement of embarking on a new chapter in young adulthood. I rejoice that we were able to plan and host all of these events again. I look forward to these events over the next couple of weeks. This class (and the two before them) have had a crash course in resilience and digging deep to make the most of their school experiences. I wish for them to use these life experiences to realize they have the power to frame and focus their energies on what matters to them the most. The things that matter should be identified, named, and have goals set for how we will attain them. I wish this for our Seniors this year, and all of our children who have been through these challenging times. To everything, there is a season. I hope we can all join in a season of celebration!

I hope you will be able to join us for the many other things that are happening. I want to remind you that you can find events on our district-wide calendar and also in the building-specific pages to know when things are occurring that benefit from an audience.

Events are also unfolding for our summer school programming. We will be hosting our summer school on the Jr./Sr. HS campus this year. Please get your student enrolled as soon as possible if summer school is in your plans this year. It was an academic and fun time last year and we are eager to repeat that experience for our students and staff yet again!

Keep an eye out this coming week for our Service Day projects! Our Jr./Sr. High kids will be out in the community with their teachers doing good works to improve our community! Our Elementary students will be engaged in projects on their own campuses. Please give them a wave and let them know if you share our district commitment to public service as a community value! It sets a standard for community engagement that is so important for a range of important reasons from civic pride, to being a member of something bigger than oneself, to knowing your efforts make a positive different in the lives of others!

Enjoy this time of celebration, reflection, and planning for good things to come!

Dr. B