As July flies by, now families are beginning to get their plans in order for fall and start looking for back to school sales and planning for events! As we keep working behind the scenes to finish up our Jr./Sr. HS schedules (still in process) and wrap up our hiring for the fall, I know school will be here before we know it!  To that end, I want to highlight a very valuable page in our Website for your review. Resources is an outstanding landing page to help our families with so much information that will make your lives easier. I want to highlight some of that information and programs for you this weekend so you know what is available.

There are so many studies that show school performance is heavily impacted by early child literacy. Exposing children to language rich environments is obtainable for all families. Check out the Early Literacy Resource and the Michigan Learning Channel and PBS categories for some excellent resources in developing a focus on early literacy for our children.

If you have a 3-4-year-old child, you may want to review the Great Start Readiness Program (GSRP) tab. We have links there to explain the many benefits of the program. The program is free if eligibility guidelines are met. The GSRP program is run by the Eaton RESA and housed on our Fuller Street Campus. GSRP does an excellent job of helping to ensure our children are kindergarten ready. Enrollment information is also available on our site.

If technology is a tool you want to use to help increase student learning opportunities, I encourage you to look at the Michigan Secure tab which will help you find an app to keep your child safer while they are online. If Internet connectivity is a problem for you due to budgetary constraints, check out the Family Internet Connectivity Assistance tab to help you apply for a program that can bring technology access into your home. There are also extensive amounts of information on our Technology Support tab which will give you a wide range of helpful tips, and teacher approved resources for learning. Khan academy is free and available for personalized supplemental work and tutorial help for our students on this page.

Finally, as the nuts and bolts of getting ready for school start to arrive, you can find Food Service information, and the PowerSchool Parent Portal informative links on this page.

I encourage you to take some time to navigate through all the links on our webpage to get familiar with the many resources that are available to you here. This is our official communication medium to our community and we work diligently to keep it current and useful for family, student and community stakeholders.

School is one short month away from opening day on August 22nd, 2022.  Be sure you take some time to enjoy the looser schedules, great weather and family time before the schedules and school excitement kick in!

It is a great summer to be in the Valley!

Dr. B