Spring has Sprung?

Happy Day Maple Valley, while the weather may not know Spring has arrived, our calendar of events tells us that it most certainly has! With less than eight weeks of school remaining before summer break, it is exciting to see our events beginning to ramp up in celebration of exploratory field trips, spring sports, ceremonies of recognition, prom, and field days on the horizon!

After a two-year hiatus, our Senior Class will be resuming our traditional trip to Washington D.C. in celebration of their impending graduation! I get to join them as a chaperone this year and I am so excited to be able to experience the seat of our democracy with our students and see it through their eyes. When I went to visit Maplewood today, the 5th and 6th grade kids are very excited for their trip to Greenfield Village. Some parents I have spoken with are equally excited for the day trip up to Mackinaw Island! It is wonderful to see our kids venturing out into the world again to gain experiences, learn, and make some lifetime memories.

Fuller Street is running their Fitness Program and striving to set our kids on a lifetime pursuit of fitness and good health. Our athletes at the JV and Varsity level are engaged with Baseball, Softball, Track and Field, Girls Soccer, and Golf. Times and locations can be found on our district calendar at mvs.k12.mi.us if you can come out to cheer on our Lions!

On Monday and Tuesday in the coming week, there will be a Prom Boutique at the High School at 3:30 on both days to have a beautiful selection of prom dresses in preparation for a lovely night of music, dancing, and fun.

As these events begin to ramp up it is awakening in all of us a new energy and excitement. It is beginning to feel that the light at the end of our long tunnel is finally getting brighter and brighter every day. We look forward to welcoming our families back into our buildings again. The level of stress and constant need to adjust, change and modify is dropping significantly and that has been a wonderful experience for all of us who spend most of our days in school!

As we resume our activities and celebrations know that the Valley is open for our families, friends, and neighbors. We have missed you and hope you can integrate our events and celebrations into your lives once again! I talked with a wonderful parent and friend this week and she told me with great joy that the family calendar is filling up once again with social events and activities and it is a wonderful thing. I hope one takeaway of these past two years for us all can be the realization that every day, every event, and every person in our community can because of celebration if we welcome the joy of simply being connected into our lives. If we have ever taken our community for granted in the past, may we all renew our shared commitment to make the Valley the best place to be a kid, a parent, or a neighbor!

In gratitude for a marvelous community,
Dr. B