Lion's News
September 17th - September 23rd

Fun in the Valley

It’s officially homecoming week in the valley! This week students participated in advisory olympics, the homecoming assembly, the Friday night football game and the homecoming dance on Saturday.


On Monday, the boys varsity soccer team traveled to Stockbridge for an away game. The JV football team also traveled away to Concord High School. On Tuesday, the JV and varsity volleyball teams traveled to Bronson High School. On Wednesday, the boys varsity soccer team played a home game against Quincy High School. On Thursday, the JV football team played a home game. On Friday, the Varsity football team played a home game against Lawrence High School. And at the end of the week, on Saturday, the Varsity volleyball team played an away game against Stockbridge.


On Tuesday, the 2023/2024 National Honors Society program began, under the authority of Mrs. Forman.

4 Questions with Mrs. Catchick

Meet Mrs. Catchick! Mrs. Catchick is our high school French and AP Literature teacher. 

Where did you go to school/currently going to school?

“I went to Kalamazoo College and got my Bachelor’s in English Literature. I also went to CMU for my masters in humanities with emphasis on literature.” 

What made you want to become an educator at Maple Valley?

“I moved back to Michigan to be close to my grandkids. MV is close to GR where they live, but also I prefer a small-town atmosphere.” 

What is your favorite part about working at Maple Valley?

“The people! My teacher friends and the students. I feel connected here.” 

What is your favorite thing to do when you’re not at school? 

“I love reading and writing, being with my grandkids, and family (Including my 2 cats)”

Seniors of the Week

Meet Haylee Shook! After high school, Haylee plans to attend KCC to further her education. The teacher who has had the biggest impact on Haylee’s life has been Mrs. Webb because she has always been a big help to Haylee. After graduation, Haylee is most excited to get her own place and travel. Some advice Haylee would give to incoming freshmen would be don’t start drama and be nice.