Lion's News
March 12th - March 18th


Monday, March 13th, began the first week of all Spring sports.


Maple Valley DECA’s Ethan Boldrey was a finalist for the automotive services marketing series, overall, qualifying for the International career development conference in Orlando, Florida. Ryan Finkler and Jessica Steury also received medals at the state conference in Detroit.

5 Questions with Mr. Wilhelm

Where did you go to school/ currently going to school?

“I did my undergraduate at St. Olaf College and received my MFA at Southern New Hampshire University.”

What made you want to become a teacher?

“I became a teacher because I felt like I didn’t get a good high school education and I wanted to change that for other people.”

What is your favorite part about being a teacher at Maple Valley?

“My favorite part of being here is having the chance to build relationships with students from all different backgrounds and perspectives. I also like getting to know lots of students, not just the ones in my classes.”

How would you describe your teaching style?

Intense, high expectation, relationship-driven, I try to bring my A game every day.”

What do you feel is the most challenging part of becoming a teacher?

“Bringing it every day. Being patient, empathetic, and open to new ideas, perspectives, and individual needs.”

Seniors of the Week

Meet Tyler Rose! After high school, Tyler plans to work in skilled trades. The teacher who has had the biggest impact on Tyler’s life has been Mrs. Webb because she has helped make sure Tyler will be a good person as well as graduate with his class. Tyler’s favorite part about senior year is all the easy classes he’s taking. Some advice Tyler would give to incoming freshmen is to take all the hard classes first in order to get them out of the way sooner. The highlight of Tyler’s senior year has been ice fishing on snow days. 

Thank you, Tyler for being senior of the week!

Meet Melaina Granger! After high school, Melaina plans to move to Indiana and go to Marian College to study exercise science and play college soccer. The teacher who has had the biggest impact on Melaina’s life has been Mrs. Deo because she has always given the best advice and been there for her no matter what. Melaina’s favorite part about being a senior is the fact that she is able to look back and be proud of her accomplishments. Some advice Melaina would give to incoming freshmen is to always be productive and don’t overdo themselves. The highlight of Melaina’s senior year was breaking her wrist in the first quarter of the powderpuff game and then still continuing to play the whole game.

Thank you, Melaina for being senior of the week!

Meet Landen Garlinger! After high school, Landen plans to get a degree in engineering. The teacher who has had the biggest impact on Landen’s life has been Mrs. Christopher because she taught him the basics of math and history. Landen’s favorite part about senior year is getting to graduate in May. Some advice Landen would give to incoming freshmen is to do all their work even though they may not enjoy it. The highlight of Landen’s year has been all the stupid things he and his friends do.

Thank you, Landen for being senior of the week!