Lion's News
January 9th - January 13th


The boy's JV and Varsity basketball teams began the week with a home game against Lansing Christian. The JV boy's won with a final score of 55-29 and the Varsity boys lost with a score of 20-65. Both teams played amazingly and fought hard games. On Tuesday, the Varsity girl's basketball team traveled to Lansing Christian, losing the game with a final score of 56-2. However, this game was fought hard and well played. Wednesday, the wrestling team prepared for a home match against Dansville, Fulton, and Stockbridge. Also on Wednesday, the girl's Competitive Cheer team traveled to Stockbridge to compete and finished 6th out of 7 teams. Friday, the JV and Varsity boys as well as the Varsity girls prepared for a home triple header against Leslie High School. The JV boy's final score was 45-47, the Varsity girl's final score was 12-66, and the varsity boys' final score was 37-46. Each team lost, however, they played great games.


Auditions for the Spring Musical, The Little Mermaid, were held on Wednesday the 11th. On Friday, January 20th, DECA will be traveling to Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo to compete in their district competition. We wish you all the best of luck! February 2nd, FFA will be traveling to Calhoun Area Career Center for their district competition.

Maple Valley FFA 2022-2023 Officer Team

5 Questions with Ms. Wilhelm

Ms. Wilhelm teaches High School and Jr. High students. She teaches Economics, English, Mythology, and Journalism classes. 

Where did you study/ currently studying?

“I graduated from Michigan State University, and I am currently studying at Southern New Hampshire University to get my master's degree in English.” 

What made you want to become a teacher?

“Both my dad and sister are teachers and my grandpa was a teacher.” 

What is your favorite part about being a teacher at Maple Valley?

“How small the school is and how there’s a lot of time to form relationships with students.” 

How would you describe your teaching style? 

“I would say I’m still developing my teaching style because I am only a 2nd-year teacher. However, I would say I’m laid back but with enough structure to keep everyone on task and engaged.” 

What do you feel is the most challenging when becoming a teacher?

“Never knowing what’s going to happen each day and being confronted with new challenges each time I come to work.”

Seniors of the Week

Meet Caleb Williams! After high school, Caleb plans to attend the LCC lineman program. The teacher who had the biggest impact on Caleb’s life was Mr. Wilhelm because he is very down-to-earth and serious about life. Caleb’s favorite part about being a senior is that it’s finally his last year. Some advice Caleb would give to incoming freshmen is to not stress too much about school. The highlight of Caleb’s senior year has been owning his dream bike. 

Thank you Caleb for being senior of the week!

Meet Torin Bell! After High School Torin plans to take a gap year and then go to school to become an electrician. The teacher who had the biggest impact on Torin’s life was Mr. Szuminski. Torin’s favorite part about being a senior is that he gets to graduate this year. Some advice Torin would give to incoming freshmen is to always know your place. The highlight of Torin’s senior year has been all the fun he’s had so far. 

Thank you Torin for being senior of the week!

Meet Josh Mcknight! Josh’s plans for after high school are to get a job and then a house of his own. The teacher who had the biggest impact on his life was Mr. Rosin because he is always interested in what Mr. Rosin is teaching and he has always taught Josh what he needs to explore and build as a person. Josh’s favorite part about being a senior is that he will be graduating this year. Some advice Josh would give to incoming freshmen is that there is always a brighter future for a lion. The highlight of Josh’s senior year has been working at GoodTime Pizza during work-based learning. 

Thank you Josh for being senior of the week!