Lion's News
January 16th - January 20th


On Tuesday the varsity girls and boys as well as the JV boys prepared for a home triple header against Perry. First, was the JV boys with a win of 43-33. Then, the varsity girls ended with a loss of 13-61. And finally, the varsity boys ended with a final score of 34-44. On Thursday the JV and varsity boys traveled to Olivet to play a doubleheader. The JV boys finished with a loss of 21-51, the varsity boys ended with a loss of 32-72. Friday, the varsity girl's team prepared for a home game against Olivet ending in a loss of 12-64. On Saturday, the Varsity girl's cheer teams prepared for a home match, coming out first overall. Also on Saturday, the varsity boy's wrestling team traveled to Quincy for a meet.


Maple Valley’s DECA chapter is set to attend the Districts Competition on January 20th, in Kalamazoo at WMU’s Haworth College of Business. February 2nd, FFA will be traveling to Calhoun Area Career Center for their district competition.

5 Questions with Mr. Martin

Where did you go to school/ currently going to school?

“I went to Spring Arbor for my Bachelor’s and Master’s degree and KCC for my Associate's degree.”

What made you want to become a teacher?

“My dad was always a coach and I could see the differences he was making in kids' lives. I thought by becoming a teacher I too could make a difference.”

What is your favorite part about being a teacher at Maple Valley?

“The Kids! Just being able to interact and work with everyone is a highlight of my day.”

How would you describe your teaching style?

“I try to lead people into becoming their best selves in the classroom and in life. I also try to get people to learn from others.”

What do you feel is the most challenging part of becoming a teacher? 

“Staying on the job. Being a teacher, you constantly have to work around people’s personalities, attitudes, and struggles. I'm not going to lie, it becomes exhausting and mentally overwhelming at times. I wish everyone would understand we’re all here for the same reason. and that is to make you all into successful, considerate, and intelligent people.”

Seniors of the Week

Meet Harley Kikendall! After high school, Harley plans to attend trade school to become a welder. The teacher who has the biggest impact on Harley’s life was Mrs. Leatherman, as she has always assisted her throughout her education. Harley’s favorite part of senior year is getting to graduate in May. The advice Harley would give to incoming freshmen is to always live life to the fullest because it goes by fast. Harley’s highlight of senior year has been that it’s the easiest year she’s had yet. 

Thank you, Harley, for being senior of the week!

Meet Caddin Carrey! After high school Caddin plans to work for a few years and then attend college. The teacher who has the biggest impact on Caddin’s life was Mr. Rosin because he gave Caddin a better outlook on life. Caddin’s favorite part about being a senior is getting to spend his last year with his friends. Some advice Caddin would give to incoming freshmen is to always pass your classes and try your hardest. The highlight of Caddin’s senior year has been being with his friends. 

Thank you, Caddin, for being senior of the week!

Meet Jessica Steury! After high school, Jessica plans to go to college and become a high school history teacher. The teacher who had the biggest impact on Jessica’s life was Mrs. Burgess because she taught her to not take things so seriously and enjoy the things she has. Jessica’s favorite part about being a senior is that she will be graduating in the spring. Some advice Jessica would give to incoming freshmen is to always keep track of your GPA so you don’t struggle to get it up your senior year. The highlight of Jessica’s senior year has been working the senior concessions with her friends. 

Thank you, Jessica, for being senior of the week!