Lion's News
August 20th - August 26th

Fun in the Valley

On August 21st, we welcomed the Maple Valley students and staff back to begin another great school year! Students were excited to see their friends and teachers and everyone had an exciting first week of school.


Practices for Fall sports began on August 7, 2023.


On Monday, Logan Bowers received the Outstanding FFA Member Award from the Barry County Farm Bureau.

4 Questions with the Staff Member of the Week

Meet Mr. Dennison, who is a new teacher here in the Valley!

Where did you go to school/currently going to school? 

“I went to the University of Michigan… Twice.” 

What made you want to become an educator at Maple Valley? 

“When I interviewed here, everyone was very enthusiastic about me working here.” 

What is your favorite part about working at Maple Valley? 

“Advisory sounds like fun, I’m excited for it!”

What is your favorite thing to do when you’re not at school?

“I love to play board games and video games with my friends and family! (Also, Dad)”

Meet Ceren Uzun! Ceren is a foreign exchange student from Germany! After high school, Ceren plans to attend college and study journalism. The teacher who has had the biggest impact on Ceren has been Mrs. Catchick because she has helped Ceren a lot and guided her to find her real self. After graduation, Ceren is most excited to begin college. Some advice Ceren would give to incoming freshmen is to be yourself and also take care of yourself. Something Ceren is looking forward to this school year is the football games.

Meet Greanlee Depyper! After high school, Greanlee plans to continue to make and save money. The teacher who has had the biggest impact on Greanlee’s life has been Mrs. Webb because she has always pushed Greanlee to be her best self. After graduation, Greanlee is most excited to leave Nashville. Some advice Greanlee would give to incoming freshmen is that you’re not all that and a bag of chips. Something Greanlee is looking forward to is the senior trip.