Welcome Back Children!

The 2023-24 school year begins on Monday for our students and we are so eager to have them back!  After a summer of more routine preparations and rejuvenation, the staff is excited to have our students with us once again in our quest for learning and healthy growth!  

The year we plan to focus on Community Engagement as our theme.  We are striving to get our families back into our schools as volunteers, mentors and speakers to help connect our students school experiences to the “real world” lives they will lead after they graduate and begin their young adult lives. When the African Proverb, “It takes a village to raise a child” is spoken it is so true. In tandem with our community, our amazing staff does a fantastic job of taking care of our children.  From our bus drivers in the morning and evening to our food service staff who provides what will be free meals for all students this year as well as our teachers and paraprofessionals, administration and custodial staff, we all look out for the welfare of our students.

Please keep an eye out for our children in the morning and evening.  Ridership on our busses has had a huge increase and our busses will be full. It is imperative that drivers watch for our kids as they walk to and from our bus stops.  We have moved one community stop from Kellogg School on Queen Street in Nashville as construction begins on the apartment community that will be in that building. Safety is our first concern for our students and we appreciate your help in watching out for our children as they go about their busy days.

Our back to school Family Open Houses were a big hit and the Route 66 Back to School Bash last Saturday was an excellent event with a large turnout of community members and family focused information booths to help everyone get back into the swing of things for this coming year. It is so heartwarming to see our community come together this way. I am excited to see this energy and enthusiasm and we welcome everyone back to what I hope will be a fantastic year!

It is a great day to be in the Valley!

Dr. B