January 15, 2024

Weather Advisory Letter from Dr. Bertolini

Please take a moment to read this letter from Dr. Bertolini in regards to the current and upcoming winter weather.

Dear Families of Maple Valley,

Old Man Winter has arrived in full force.  We have currently used 2 of our 6 allowed weather/emergency cancellation days.  Beyond that we need to request waivers from the state or extend our calendar beyond the original last day of school to make up our instructional time in June.

The weather forecast is extremely cold this week with wind chills dipping into subzero temperatures.  It is important that students be well protected from the cold temperatures.  Faces and noses should be covered, along with winter coats, warm hats, gloves and boots to protect extremities. 

Exposed skin in subzero temperatures can be subject to frostbite within 30 minutes of exposure.  Given this, please make plans to keep students in warm locations to minimize their time outdoors while being transported to and from school. 

We have spent the day getting our bus fleet ready for the cold temperatures and currently are in excellent shape for transportation. Our buildings are also warm and able to keep our students out of the elements. Please dress kids in layers for their comfort going from cold to warm environments.

You may hear other districts around us closing this evening.  I have been in regular communication with districts in both Barry and Eaton County throughout the day.  Some districts are having boiler issues, road issues or other contingencies they are considering for closing in addition to the cold temperatures.  We do not have those contingencies, but are very mindful of the severe weather conditions. If something interferes with your child’s attendance, please notify the school office.

Should anything change, a cancellation notice will be issued with our normal protocols, but for now, we do plan to attend school during this cold spell.  Please adjust accordingly to keep our kids safe and warm.

Preparation is our best defense!

Dr. Katherine Bertolini - Superintendent