October 16, 2023

Non-Emergency Shelter-In-Place Notification

Please read this NOTICE from Dr. Bertolini in regard to a non-emergency shelter-in-place.

This morning we activated a shelter in place at the Jr./Sr. HS to manage student movement while a student health concern was managed.

There was no threat to student or staff welfare, but for the ease of staff to intervene, students were held in class until the situation was resolved. The shelter-in-place took approximately twenty minutes until everything was managed. 

Shelters in place are typically issued when there is a health emergency or something occurring in the community outside of our schools to help control the flow of student movement in case we need to minimize student traffic in and outside of our buildings. There are a wide range of reasons we would activate a shelter in place that do not constitute any risk to our students or staff.  

We just wanted our community to be aware that there was no danger, just foot traffic management today.



Dr. Katherine Bertolini