April 7, 2023

Vaping Policy Update

Please take a moment to read this update to the Vaping policy.

In an effort to discourage the use of vaping products at school, please be aware of this warning.  To students who decide to vape on school property, The new resource officer Deputy Barber will issue tickets for anyone caught vaping or possessing a vape on school grounds. The fine for this citation starts at $50.00, 1st-time offenders will have an opportunity to avoid the fee by completing an anti-vaping online course and completing an anti-vaping research paper. 2nd offense students will automatically receive the citation and a two-day out-of-school suspension, multiple offenses will result in citations and longer suspensions. The court may also add additional consequences and requirements to the citations as they see fit. Please keep in mind, if your student has previously been caught vaping or in possession of a vape this year they are at the 2nd level offense already.