February 14, 2023

Transportation Update - 02.14.2023

School Bus

Please read this transportation update from Dr. Bertolini & Mr. Eric Chamberlain.

Dear Maple Valley Families,

We are so pleased that we have been able to restore our routes to their normal status and restore field trips and athletic activity transportation as well. We are continuing to do this at bare minimum staffing levels.  To that end, we wanted to advise you that you should establish a plan B for transportation should any of our transportation staff have extended needs for personal leave.

Since this will be an isolated case of not having enough staff, it will be a rolling route outage so a minimal number of families would be impacted.  This is how it would work if we didn’t have enough drivers.

We currently have 9 routes, if one route couldn’t be run due to a lack of drivers, we would notify the families on that route that they would need alternate transportation for up to one week’s time.  If three weeks later, we didn’t have enough drivers, we would notify a different route that they would not have transportation for up to a week.  We would continue to rotate through our ten routes so this would only impact our families on a very rare basis. 

We are continuing our advertising for bus drivers and if you are aware of anyone or if you are interested yourself, please apply at our Central Office. 

While we are currently managing, and yet in a plan ahead manner, we want our families to have sufficient notice if circumstances beyond our control impact our transportation. 

If you have any questions, please contact either of us. In appreciation of our continued efforts to work together for the benefit of our students.

Dr. Katherine Bertolini Eric Chamberlain
Dr. Katherine Bertolini
Mr. Eric Chamberlain
Director of Transportation & Operations