January 11, 2023

Transportation Update (01.11.2023)

Please read this transportation update from Dr. Bertolini and Mr. Chamberlain.

Dear Fuller Street Families and Staff,

Mr. Chamberlain and I wanted to thank everyone for their collaboration, cooperation, and hard work to put our plans into action for the drop-off and pick-up line changes we made effective this past Monday. We also wanted to thank Mr. Tony Joostberns for helping us to direct traffic these past two days. 

Our goal was to get our families off of M-66 and Casgrove Street to the greatest extent possible. We have fully achieved that objective and as of this morning, everyone was self-directed in following the processes to get in line and follow the pattern. 

Safety and efficiency are our highest priority. To continue that effort, now that we have people safely out of the way of the traffic, please ensure that car seats to the greatest extent possible are located near the curbside (driver’s side) of the vehicle to speed up exit for your children. If circumstances do not allow for this, please exit the vehicle yourself to bring the child around the front of your vehicle and safely to our staff. Staff have been instructed not to go between or around cars.  We appreciate your help with this to ensure the safety of everyone and the efficiency of the line progression. 

We are so grateful for the work we have done together to make this change happen. I enjoyed being out and directing traffic these past two days while watching the progress of our families learning the new system. Mr. Chamberlain and I are very pleased with how well this plan has worked. Since people can stay parked, it is great to see families playing and talking together safely as you wait for the line movement to begin. We hope this lowers stress and gas consumption a bit for everyone. 

As always if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Mr. Chamberlain at the bus garage or via email at echamberlain@mvs.k12.mi.us

Thank you again for partnering with us to improve our system.

Dr. Katherine Bertolini Eric Chamberlain
Dr. Katherine Bertolini
Mr. Eric Chamberlain
Director of Transportation & Operations