November 21, 2022

Message From Mr. Goggins

Please take a moment to read this message from Mr. Goggins.

Wow! The school year is very nearly halfway through, and with that, we should recognize some really great things happening here in the Jr.Sr. Building. First, it is finally feeling like a “normal” school year and we are back at full strength in terms of participation in all sorts of activities and events in the post-pandemic era. The homecoming parade, dance, and game all went well,  attendance was up over recent years with students and the community having a great time. 

The football season has wrapped up with a varsity and junior varsity combined record of 11-7 which demonstrates a program moving in the right direction with all kinds of potential. Thanks to the coaching staff for all their hard work. The volleyball and cross-country teams have wrapped their seasons, with good participation and results. Basketball, wrestling, and competitive cheer seasons are now underway with most teams enjoying increased participation. We all are looking forward to next year’s shift to the Big 8 Conference with new competition and rivalries. I encourage all students to consider joining a team. High school is for many, the last opportunity to play competitive organized sports, and our teams need you. 

Co-curricular activities like theater, choir, and band continue to be successful, fun, and entertaining. The production of the Addams Family Musical was well received and performed with great enthusiasm by a combination of Jr. High, Sr. High, and community players, congratulations to everyone involved and we look forward to the spring play. 

Standardized testing is coming up, and we urge parents to encourage all students to take these tests seriously. They are used to gather vital data and offer some scholarship opportunities. Often the biggest hurdle to success on these assessments is effort, not ability. So, we need kids to really try their best when taking them. Being in the post-pandemic era has given a greater dedication to advancing academic goals and the staff makes a daily effort to up the rigor of face-to-face classes combined with online options. Information gleaned from these tests helps us gauge those efforts' success. Our CTE and cooperative programs are going strong with FFA, Agri-Science, and DECA programs all planning trips that offer real-life relevant learning experiences. The Pathways Alternative Education program offers an online learning and credit recovery program tailored to students who find they need an alternate path to graduation. All of these learning options combined with ongoing partnerships with Lansing Community College and Davenport College make Maple Valley as welcoming a learning environment as any in the area, and that is something we all can be proud of. 

So I encourage everyone to come out to a ball game, concert, or activity, and to really embrace the sense of community the Jr./Sr. HS has for you to enjoy. The school year is half over, and there is still a lot to do to celebrate our students’ experiences as Lions.

Thank you,

Tim Goggins

Tim Goggins
Maple Valley Jr./Sr. High School