MV Works

MV Works Skilled Trades Education

WHO – The Skilled Trades Education plan is currently being supported by several former MVS alumni who seek to positively impact as many Maple Valley student lives as possible. These alumni have provided the creativity, support, and funding of this essential skilled trades education model as monitored and supervised by Maple Valley Superintendent Michelle Falcon.

WHAT – The Skilled Trades Education program is a highly proven and successful way to bring a series of high-tech, well-trained, and state-of-the-art jobs and career opportunities to juniors and seniors to speed them on their way to earning top incomes in the Maple Valley community.

WHERE – This education will be fully contained in the former metal shop portion of the school building as well as the use of classrooms already on the property. As the program grows, it may expand to an industrial location in the community.

WHEN – It is proposed that the curriculum, staff, and funding will be in place to begin this STE program in January 2018.

HOW –   A partnership with the Greater Michigan Construction Academy (GMCA) will allow the students to earn the apprenticeships and licenses needed to go to work!  The planning will take a lot of time, effort, and expense to successfully create this training and learning for our students, but the long-term effects of this highly skilled trade education is monumental.

WHY – The contributors of time, effort, energy, expense, and funding to this program are all former MVS graduates who have gained significant insight and experience in their own working careers concerning the need for meaningful education in today’s job market. Each of them have agreed that this education is of the type that actually really does work very well. It is not just an idea; they are offering it to the MV community in a spirit of giving and philanthropy that is both meaningful and relevant to today’s students who are seeking to participate and enter their own version of the American Dream.