Payment Options

DHHS Benefits

Little Lions is now accepting DHHS Child Development and Care benefits. If you would like to apply for benefits you would need to apply online at or visit your local DHHS office. If you plan to use DHHS payments, please let the Little Lions office before enrollment. DHHS does not guarentee to cover all expenses and there may be fees responsible to the parents. 

Tuition Express

While cash and check payments will always be an option, we have recently expanded our payment options to also include Tuition Express. Tution Express is an online option which allows families to pay from home by entering their credit card information or at the center by swiping their card on our card swipe. We can also automatically withdraw your tuition from your bank account if you wish. Please contact the Little Lions office for more information. 


My Procare

The following link will allow you to register for My Procare if you are an existing client and have your email address on file. This will allow you to pay by credit card remotely. Note: There is a 2.5% processing fee associated with this.