Instructional Resources


Instructional Resource Grade Level Subject Area
Google Classroom K-12 All Subjects
IXL K-12 Math
MobyMax K-8 All Subjects
Quizlet K-12 All Subjects
M-Step Awareness Course 3-11  Core Subjects
Newsela 4-12 Literacy
Tween Tribune K-12 Literacy
Brittanica 3-12 Research
Front Row K-8 Math
Interactive Math Manipulatives K-5 Math
Illuminations K-12 Math
Math Playground 1-8 Math
Desmos 9-12 Math
Geogebra 9-12 Math
Typing Web 2-12 Keyboarding
Nitrotype 3-12 Keyboarding
Dance Mat Typing 1-4 Keyboarding
ABCya Typing Games K-5 Keyboarding
ABCya K-5 Educational Games

Zoo-Phonics Sounds and Signals Practice
Please note that we teach the initial r sound as
/rah/. ir, er and ur say /er/

K-5 Phonics Resource