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From the Superintendent

Happy Holidays Maple Valley Families!

I am sending you a letter of Celebration as we conclude the first semester of the 2020-21 school year.  We have worked together to do far more than we ever imagined possible back in March when the world changed for us all.

The challenges have been profound, overwhelming and stressful and yet here we stand on the edge of a new year. Hope is on the horizon, so as we conclude the year of Grace which I have repeatedly invoked since March, now I wish you all a healthy dose of HOPE.  Through all of this, I have turned to the history of human struggles to give me faith and energy to continue on. The Pilgrims first winter, the Civil War, World War I, The Pandemic of 1918, World War II, the Suffragette movement and so many other world changing events. Humanity has survived them all and the world looked different as those challenges reshaped the world. We are in a similar moment in time right now. 

Our children’s lives will forever be tied to this world changing event. Education is going to be shifted and changed as a result of what we have all experienced since March. The good news is that I am anticipating many silver linings will be revealed as we come out of the fog of constant change in 2021 and beyond. More good news is that human beings are resilient. I have seen so many entertaining and fascinating ways for people to still stay connected and engaged with one another even as we have to remain apart. Human beings are just amazing to me. 

As you take some time over the next few weeks to unplug and LOWER screen time for some fun and well deserved rest, please help your children to know the world will adapt to them as we go forward. Learning gaps will get closed, colleges and universities will not hold 2020 against a child’s application, work forces will adapt and allow for additional training, and we will be held harmless in many ways for the impact this has had on us all. Just relax and know that as long as we stay healthy, and are able to fully recover if sick, our worlds will adapt to our new realities.

You parents have been front line workers too as our fellow educators and I just wanted you to know how very appreciated you are in these challenging times. You are more than enough and we thank you. For a bit of Christmas joy, please watch and enjoy this amazing video!  
One Voice Children's Choir sings "Good Job"  (Google that phrase if you get this in hard copy!)