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During this time of school closure, due to the COVID-19 restrictions, Maple Valley Schools will be holding all School Board and School Board Committee Meetings virtually. Below you will find a list of meetings and their dates. The name of each meeting is a hyperlink to join the meeting virtually. Please read through this document that explains the processes for joining and public comment, and lists the guidelines/etiquette for participating. Each form for public comment is unique to the event, please make sure to click the FORM for the event in which you'd like to be heard. Click here to see the legal notice for this process.

Upcoming School Board Meetings

Board of Education Meeting - 12/14/2020 - Link to Meeting  Public Comment Form
Special Board of Education Meeting - 12/16/2020 - Link to Meeting  Public Comment Form

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School Board
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Upcoming School Board Committee Meetings

Labor & Finance Committee Meeting - 12/7/2020 - Link to Meeting  Public Comment Form
Activities Committee Meeting - 12/14/2020 - Link to Meeting  Public Comment Form
Physical Facilities Committee Meeting - 12/21/2020 - Link to Meeting  Public Comment Form
School & Community Meeting - 12/28/2020 - 6:00 PM - Link to Meeting  Public Comment Form

School Board Committee Meetings Archive
Labor and Finance
Physical Facilities
School and Community
Student Activities

2020 Maple Valley Board of Education

Brian Green - President
Elected 2013 - Term Expires 2020

Andrea Montgomery - Vice President
Elected 2016 - Term Expires 2020

Kristen Miller - Secretary
​Elected 2018 - Term Expires 2022

Craig Lackscheide - Treasurer
​Elected 2014 - Term Expires 2022

Tim Burd - Trustee
​Elected 2007 - Term Expires 2020

Kimberly Wilkes - Trustee
​Elected 2018 - Term Expires 2022

Justin Keiffer - Trustee
​Appointed 2019 - Term Expires 2020


Board Assignments 2020


Activities Committee meets second Monday at 6:00 PM:
Tim Burd – Chair, Kristen Miller, Craig Lackscheide

Labor & Finance Committee meets first Monday at 6:00 PM:
Andrea Montgomery – Chair, Justin Keiffer, Craig Lackscheide

Physical Facilities Committee meets third Monday at 5:00 PM:
Justin Keiffer – Chair, Brian Green, Andrea Montgomery

School & Community Committee meets fourth Monday at 6:00 PM:
Kristen Miller– Chair, Kimberly Wilkes, Brian Green

County School Board Representative: Justin Keiffer
District School Improvement Representative: Kimberly Wilkes
Maple Valley Scholarship Foundation: Andrea Montgomery
State School Board Representative: Kristen Miller