Our District

Welcome to Maple Valley Schools

We are a very close-knit community made up of the two small Michigan villages of Nashville and Vermontville. This district has worked together for the last 40 years to form schools which are nurturing places to learn.

Maple Valley is a Class C school system of nearly 1,100 pre-school through twelfth grade students. We provide a myriad of student learning opportunities and yet we are small enough to care personally for each of our students.

District Mission
Maple Valley Schools will provide a nurturing environment that creates productive citizens with lifelong learning skills.

District Vision
Maple Valley Schools will provide learning through innovative opportunities while nurturing for success.

Strategic Focus Areas

  • Student Achievement
  • ​Technology
  • Communication
  • Finance/Operations/Facilities

We Believe In:

  • A Comprehensive Education
  • Empowering Our Students

  • Community Participation

  • A Safe and Secure Environment

  • The Value of Face to Face Education

  • Utilizing Technology

  • Other Instructional Opportunities