April 27, 2021

Senior Prom Announcement

Please read this announcement in regard to the Senior Prom.

Dear Junior and Senior Students and Families,

This year and all of the viral mitigation that goes with it has been hard. Our prom committee and advisors have done an incredible job of working to comply with the mask and gathering guidelines and safety plans for MIOSHA which govern our operations this year. Unfortunately, those changes have understandably put a less than positive spin on our Prom celebration.

We need to cancel the prom for this spring because we have had low response and interest for our polls about tickets. The prom would need many more people than we have to make it a worthwhile event. The rules have put a damper on what prom feels like for the students. We also want to protect our graduation ceremony by lowering the chances of quarantines that could restrict graduate attendance at their graduation.

We regret many things we have had to remove, revise or cancel this year. We commit to making those events that we can maintain to be memorable, fun and worthy of our students’ experience in the Valley.

We celebrate the perseverance, resilience and commitment of our students and the sta who love them. It may not be the year we want, but it is the year we have and we will strive to make the best of it.

In joy for the impending graduation of the Class of 2021,

Dr. Katherine Bertolini
Superintendent/Interim Principal